Company Registration Mistakes to Avoid

While new company registration can be greatly simplified if you have professional help from an experienced secretarial service specialist such as Henzel, the process can be somewhat stressful when you are not sure what to expect. Many businesses try and rush through this step, only to end up having to work far harder to update information, correct mistakes or complete the registration properly.

To help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of company registration, we have put together a list of the most commonly made mistakes that can occur during the registration. Keep reading to find out what not to do when registering your company.

Avoid These Company Registration Mistakes

Don’t let missing information or incorrect registration attempts ruin your chances of finalising your registration. Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to new company registration include the following:

Selecting the wrong business type.

The first step to take, before you proceed with the registration, is to be very clear on the type of business you plan to register. In South Africa, there are a few different options to consider. In South Africa, the registration type will depend on the type of company you register. Under the New Companies Act of 2008, no new Close Corporations (CC) can be registered. CC’s that were registered before 1 May 2011 may still operate as CCs or can be converted into a company, however. If you are unclear of the best registration type, speak to a legal or financial expert, or ask the Henzel team to assist you in choosing the right type of registration to suit your business needs.

Trying to do everything alone without professional help.

Finally, another mistake that is, luckily, easily avoided is trying to do everything yourself without seeking professional help. You know your business and your industry well, and you likely have a solid understanding of the many processes that relate to your business. That does not mean that you will automatically have the experience and expertise of the registration process, however. A qualified specialist in secretarial services such as registration of new companies, the filing of annual returns, company amendments and various other related processes will have all the experience required to make your registration as stress-free as possible.

For assistance in new company registration, get in touch with the Henzel team today, and let us help you get started.