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The company secretary of a company is responsible for ensuring full compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (“the Act”), whilst attending to statutory administration and maintenance of its statutory records. The same service is rendered in terms of the Close Corporations Act, Act 69 of 1984.

In compliance with the Companies Act, all companies must prepare and maintain minutes of all board and shareholders meetings. As company secretary Henzel prepares the required notice, agenda, attendance register and minutes for all such meetings and provide guidance to the company directors.
Henzel are often appointed to conduct an audit of the statutory records of a company to ensure that the company’s records are up-to-date and in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act.

Henzel, as company secretary, offer a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients mandate for professional statutory secretarial services since 1990


As experts in the South African Companies Act, Henzel offers a comprehensive range of statutory secretarial services which include:

New companies, whether private, public, non profit or state owned companies, with Henzel’s unique MOI or CIPC’s short MOI are efficiently and professionally registered. The official registered documentation including the income tax registration number are delivered to the client upon registration.

Shelf companies with Henzel’s unique MOI and tax number are supplied within 24 hrs!
N.B. Additional statutory services after registration of a new company or purchase of a shelf company include (at extra cost):

  • Issue of shares to shareholders
  • Preparation of initial statutory secretarial documentation
  • Supply of the company register updated with the available information

Inevitably some changes and amendments will need to be made in any company at some stage. Henzel competently make all changes, regardless of who originally registered the company.

These amendments include:

  • Special resolutions for change of company name, authorised shares and amendment or replacement of Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Change and election of directors by shareholders
  • Changes of address, auditors or accounting professional
  • Change of the financial year end
  • Conversions of companies
  • Issue, transfer and buy back of shares.

Conversion of a CC into a company as well as changes of CC name, members, accounting officer and registered address, as well as the CC’s financial year end.

To avoid deregistration, companies and CCs need annually to file annual returns and financial statements or a financial accountability supplement. All of these are expertly and competently handled by Henzel Services.

In the unfortunate circumstances that a company or CC has already been deregistered, we can help to resuscitate the registration of the entity.

Additional Services

Company or CC searches

If statutory documentation has been lost we will personally obtain from CIPC the required documentation.

Voluntary liquidation or deregistration

We prepare the required documentation for the voluntary liquidation or deregistration of a company or CC and file the signed documentation for registration by CIPC.

Publication of notices in the Government Gazette and newspapers

We ensure publication on the due date of notices, required by the relevant Acts, in the Gazette and/or newspapers.

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